About Us

Photo: Crusita Sundown, Thomas Höggren, 2015
But it really started 1981
Thomas Höggren, the founder of the company began his first employment (after graduating) at Bokstaven text & montage. This company was specialised in producing typographic text and originals for all kind of printworks.

Here he lerned everything about typefaces and how to use the different styles for different purposes and designs. This knowledge is always the backbone of all graphic design we perform.

In 1987 Thomas joined the family business Skultuna Bladet which was a local newspaper in Sweden. Here he started with the development for the graphic production equipment, invested in new Apple Macintosh computers and printers  with special softwares as; PageMaker, FreeHand, Photoshop and Wright Now. The following years was exciting with new equipment as; scanners, colorprinters, removable discdrives etc etc. This was the time of the "Digital Revolution".

1990 Thomas started the company "Mega Store" beside the employment in the family business. This company was focused in developing tools for the digital market and did some import of data storage media from USA. But the main business was involved at 1995. Building webpages was here to stay.

Moved to Ecuador in 2013. Continuing with the good work producing webpages and graphic design for different purposes. We are working with customers worldwide.
Our mission and beliefs
We produce well-designed and functional information for; companies, organizations, religious communities, private persons, in short terms... to all that nead our service.
From; logotypes, business cards, folders, adds, books, posters and signs to; internet sites, communities, interactive marketing, tools and apps, interactive business cards, information and marketing e-letters.

We believe (know) that if you combine all products above with good function and design that clarifies the message or function... you are on the way to have successful operations.

Our hallmark is:
If both the customer and supplier
benefits from our cooperation ...
... then it is successful!
Thomas Höggren 2016-01-21