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2016-01-01:  Our new logo that represents us today and tomorrow

Our new logotype and company profile are published. This webpage is the first place where we show it.

The slogan "Nice'n easy" shall strengthen our believe and vision that the design for information & marketing in different areas shall be simple and clear. But of cause with a very nice design.
We produce all our work with the conviction that if it's easy to get the information you want and if it's displayed in an plesant way... you don't have to "make it hard for you".
2015-10-22:  Testing a new strategy for webpages.

This webpage is a single-side page, just with a photogallery and a music-demo lightbox.

It has already generated much more visitors than expected. This webpage really proves that our slogan "Nice'n Easy" is really working.
2015-09-20:  Delivered the 3 health guides for Save The Children

The 3 health guides subjecting three different areas regarding health care. The project is a colaboration between ASA and Save the Children in Ecuador.

2015-08-11:  Published the webpage Jimmie Rodgers the deciever

This webpage is also a single-side page, just with 3 lightbox pictures a download link and a donate button connected to PayPal.

You don't nead to "overkill" when making a page with a very clear purpose. This webpage is also a proof that "Nice'n Easy" really works.

Started a new webproject to promote tourism and business between Sweden and Ecuador. At the start we publish some important information regarding the Swedish Consulate in Quito.

We are very happy for getting this oportunity to show our skills and work with such an interesting project.
2016-01-27:  New exciting project for promote tourism and business
2016-03-04:  New logotype and webpage upcoming

Always nice to do some work for Swedish clients. "Thomas Måleri" has used our services many years agoo, so it was a happy reunion.

We are producing a new company profile. Logotype, businesscards and a new homepage.
2016-03-10:  The new Pool-catalog 2016, J&F Fritid

Our oldest existing customer J&F Fritid AB.

Have produced their logotype long time ago. We produce the pool-catalog every year.
On picture are the swedish and finnish editions.
2016-03-31:  Website delivered - For company and for private artist

We are happy to publish the new website for the company "Thomas Råholm Måleri" and for the artist (painter) in company with his mother.

This is a responsive site with a first index page for choosing the subject of interest... - the painting company or the artist.
The "Gallery" for paintings is combined with his mother that also is a painter.
2016-04-15:  Logotype for the company "OE Representaciones SA"

We proudly presents the logotype for our new customer "OER Representaciones SA".

Now we continue with the creation of their webpage, very  exciting project here in Quito, Ecuador.
2016-05-12:  Profile for the new organisation "Turn Bad Into Good"

Producing the profile for a new charity organisation.

A charity organisation with a "twist". By helping other you can get helped youself.
2016-05-20:  New website for "ASA", thankyou for the oportunity

Making a new website for ASA is a very interesting and educative project.

We did a project for ASA and "Save the Children" earlier but this is the first just for ASA
2016-09-15:  Just published "Fumirepcon:s" new website...

We are happy to publish the new website for the company "Fumirepcon".

One of Ecuador's greatest players when it comes to pest control and removal.
2017-02-14:  Proud to present the ASA webpage

Asociación Solidaridad y Acción.
A organication specialiced to help children in needing areas.
Earlier we done some work that was a colaboration between "asa" and "Save the Children".

New customer from Spain.
Pool service in Spain.
2017-04-01:  Webpage for Aquamarine Pools